Toddler Green Apple Flats and PFP Fruit Bowl-Fruit of the Womb Diapers
Fruit of the Womb Diapers

Toddler Green Apple Flats and PFP Fruit Bowl

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Can't decide which flat to try? Try one, or try them all! Choose from: Caramel, Butter, Taffy, Twist, Gummy, PFP (perfect fit preflat), Winged PFP, or All of them.

Paired with a doubler and a good wool soaker, these are perfect for nighttime!

  • The Toddler size -28x28 for Taffy, Butter, and Twist to 29"x29" for Caramel and 30"x30" for Gummy - fits from 4 months to 40 lbs/potty training.
  • The PFP and Winged PFP will be 16x18

You can check out various folds here.

When you order a dozen diapers, you will receive a free diaper cover and snappi! I will contact you with color and size options for your cover once you have made your purchase!

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