TADA AIO White Polka Dots on Lime Print-Fruit of the Womb Diapers
Fruit of the Womb Diapers

TADA AIO White Polka Dots on Lime Print

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What does TADA stand for? We recently held a contest on fb for a name, and this is the one that stood out! Trim, Advanced Drying AIOs. These are trim fitting AIO diapers. Perfect for under a pair of jeans!

I start with two full body layers of snuggley, soft bamboo/cotton french terry for durability and add a front panel soaker that consists of five layers. The outside of the diaper is made of a durable polyurethane laminated polyester

The two outside layers of the soaker are made of super soft bamboo with three layers of heavy weight organic bamboo sandwiched inside.

The front panel soaker, meaning attached in the front, made a lot of sense because I had never seen any baby wet a diaper from back to front! When my boys were younger, the front panel soaker made it easier to double it where it was needed most--in the front! It can also be laid out flat the full length of the diaper for girls and older boys. I find it useful in getting rid of solid waste as the infant gets older, and solids are introduced.

The following size chart is an estimation of sizing for your baby. I find the rise to be the best judgement for getting an accurate fit for your baby. (measured over a diaper from belly button to the top of the back of the diaper)

NB(XXS) 0-2wks 4-8 lbs rise: 12"
XS 0-2ms 7-12 lbs rise: 14"
S 1-6 ms 10-18 lbs rise: 16"
M 6-24 ms 15-28 lbs rise: 18"
L 20-36 ms 25-40 lbs rise: 20"
XL 24-48 ms 35+ lbs rise: 22"

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