TADA AIO Tire Tread
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TADA AIO Tire Tread

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What does TADA stand for? We recently held a contest on fb for a name, and this is the one that stood out! Trim, Advanced Drying AIOs. These are trim fitting AIO diapers. Perfect for under a pair of jeans or with a tshirt or special dress!

After four years of making diapers for my wee ones, and thirteen years altogether of experience in clothing, I have designed an all-in-one(AIO) that dries as fast as a prefold diaper!

They consist of two full body layers of buttery soft bamboo fleece . As added wetness protection I have attached a doubler at the front that you can even fold over in the front for boys or lay flat across the length of the diaper for girls. I have also found it helpful for getting rid of solid waste.

They are gathered by elastic in the front and rear to contain even explosive waste. ;) They also have four snaps on each wing on the M and L sizes to keep the legs nice and snug around even the tiniest of legs.

The following size chart is an estimation of sizing for your baby. I find the rise to be the best judgement for getting an accurate size for your baby. (measured over a diaper from belly button to the top of the back of the diaper)

NB(XXS) 0-2wks 4-8 lbs rise: 12"
XS 0-2ms 7-12 lbs rise: 14"
S 1-6 ms 10-18 lbs rise: 16"
M 6-24 ms 15-28 lbs rise: 18"
L 20-36 ms 25-40 lbs rise: 20"
XL 24-48 ms 35+ lbs rise: 22"

These diapers are nice and trim, yet hold like the Hoover Dam!

You can view more prints here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.527290593998434.1073741828.149804431747054&type=3

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