AIO/2 Diapers

After four years of making diapers for my wee ones, and thirteen years altogether of experience in clothing, I have designed an all-in-one(AIO) that dries as fast as a prefold diaper!

They consist of a full body layer of buttery soft bamboo fleece . As added wetness protection I have added a doubler that you can fold up in the front for boys or lay flat across the length of the diaper for girls. I have also found it helpful for getting rid of solid waste.

They are gathered by elastic in the front and rear to contain even explosive waste. ;) They also have four snaps on each wing to keep the legs nice and snug around even the tiniest of legs.

The following size chart is an estimation of sizing for your baby. I find the rise to be the best judgement for getting an accurate size for your baby. (measured over a diaper from belly button to the top of the back of the diaper)

NB(XXS) 0-2wks 4-8 lbs rise: 12"
XS 0-2ms 7-12 lbs rise: 14"
S 1-6 ms 10-18 lbs rise: 16"
M 6-24 ms 15-28 lbs rise: 18"
L 20-36 ms 25-40 lbs rise: 20"
XL 24-48 ms 35+ lbs rise: 22"

These diapers are nice and trim, yet hold like the Hoover Dam!

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Fruit of the Womb Diapers
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