Wonderful diapers at a great price!
The Green Apple Taffy flats are wonderfully absorbent and fit my toddler well. They are so soft as well. Communication from the seller was great and fast. I would definitely order again. I love these flats!

 So soft and trim!
These flats are amazing! I couldn't believe how soft they are, and what a nice trim fit I got on the baby. Cloth diaper bulkiness doesn't really bother me, but I was really impressed with how these fit. I did an origami fold and from
outside her clothes, it felt like she was wearing a sposie- no bulk. For reference, I have a 19-lb. 9-month old, and I got the infant size. I'm saving up to buy a bunch more of these! :-)

 Love these!
The softest, most absorbent pre-fold that I've tried in over a yr of cloth diapering, and the stretch gives it a great fit that isn't too bulky. The larges are perfect for snappi'ing on baby and will probably last until potty training. I keep reaching for these over my flats!

 Amazing Customer Service!
I received my order, with custom colors! Plus we received some freebies. It was a nice surprise. I'd definitely order from FOTW again. :)
 Instant love 
So far, I have nothing bad to say about these flat! They are trim and easy to put on and they hold so much more than my cotton birdseye flats! They are worth the price for sure. I wish my entire stash was these!!

 We really like our diaper!
We really like our diaper! It fits great!

 Buttery Soft, Stretchy, and all around absorbant perfection
These are hands down my absolute favorite flat. They give me the perfect fit fit. They are so insanely soft- think Lularoe for your babies bum. They come clean effortlessly. And last but not least the lady that makes them could not be any sweeter. Her attention to detail and handwritten notes in every order will keep me a repeat customer for our diapering days.
Thank you Fruit of the Womb!

 Great Diaper
This is my new favorite over night diaper. My husband even commented on how nice it is, and he normally doesn't say much about diapers :)

Very trim, very stretchy, and very absorbent!

This flat is absolutely beautiful! It is so soft and absorbs very well. If you have the budget go for these flats over the Apple Taffy flats. I do still love my taffy flats but these caramel flats are amazing! They are incredibly soft even after many washes, they snappi a little better and are very trim! I feel like overall this is a very versatile flat. You can wrap it around your baby for a snug fit or because they are so trim, they work wonderfully to trifold into a cover. My LO is 15 pounds and the size medium works perfect for him in the origami fold. Highly recommend!

 favorite flats
I am able to get a much better fit with these diapers compared to the flats that I was using, they also seem to be more comfortable on my little one. Great quality and excellent customer service.

 Caramel Flats and Preflats!
First off I love this sweet momma to pieces! She absolutely amazing to work with, responds very quickly and beyond helpful. Second, I might not be 30 years old yet but man lets bring back old school flats with new stretch and mad absorbency! They are super soft and very stretchy, which makes for a perfect fit on many size babies. The 25x25 fits my 1,2, and 3 year old ! The material is so thin it will NEVER hold a smell and is dry in no time. Third, The Prefats! It's like a prefold on cloud nine! The fabric is only connected on the edges. Which is genius! It allows for no smells to ever be held and super fast drying as well. We use size 1 for daytime use and love it. Now last, we have also purchased two wool soakers! First time using wool and they are super soft, stretchy, and work wonderful. I would highly recommend these products and will be purchasing more with my next baby!

 Great flats
I bought these for my little one who's due in January but decided to try them out for absorbency with my toddler. I pad folded 2 flats for his overnight diaper and they are so thin, absorbent and soft. Overall great diapers

 Aios I love these aios! The bamboo is super soft and absorbent and the elastic is gentle on my toddlers legs. I also like the look of sized diapers with no rise snaps :). And my daughter loves the fun prints.

These are great...very soft and versatile. I use for baby and myself. Especially great for sensitive noses and faces! Well made.

 New Apple Butter Flats
I ordered one of these in infant size and one of each the caramel apple and taffy (I think) flats to try for my baby due in December. The apple butter is sooo nice! It's a little, teeny bit rougher than the other 2 but still so soft. Very stretchy which is awesome. My favorite of the three is the green apple caramel flat, but this new Apple Butter flat us definitely 2nd! I'm not a fan of the green apple taffy. I'm soo excited to try these on baby and I'd definitely buy more of these awesome flats!

 Just amazing!
I purchased one to try and I am inlove! I didn't expect it to be sooo soft and stretchy! It's like the caramel flat but not quite as soft, which is expected because it's hemp but wow it is seriously softer than I expected. Oh and it's ABSORBENT like crazy! Sheesh this flat holds a ton and even when it's wet it's soft! Did I mention how soft and cuddly it is?!!! Lol I wished I had dozens of these. Totally worth it.

 Best flat ever!
How did I not know about these sooner? They're just simply amazing. Super cuddly soft and sooo absorbent too. The diaper is very well cut and you can tell a lot of love and work is put into each diaper. Spectacular experience with an amazing shop. Even received extra bonus in my package =D Thank you so much Christina for making amazing products!

 Lovely, Hardy, long lasting
This is the second FOTW flats I've received. This set I ordered the first set I received second hand. They are wonderful. well made, great materials, Christina is absolutely lovely to work with. I cannot recommend them enough. I've tried all sorts of fancy; flats brands and more economic brands. These are my favorite, I've tried sweet iris, Geffen, GMD, and more. These hold up, come clean with ease, and don't get hole-y when using a snappi.

 My New Favorite
Sure, they cost more than flats you'll find at Target, but they're worth it! The elasticity makes them fit perfectly (even the poopiest messes haven't made their way out onto the cover yet). These diapers are also super absorbent; I usually change diapers every 3 hours, and it always looks like these diapers could last another hour or two before leaking. They line dry in about 1.5 hours on a warm day. I bought them as an option for backpacking with baby, but I use them all the time now! I will definitely be buying more than the three I purchased!

 Awesome, awesome absorbency! Love the
Awesome, awesome absorbency! Love the preflats and inserts!

 Best quality and heartwarming package.
Best quality and heartwarming package.

 Super soft and stretchy
My baby is due in 3 weeks and i havent gotten to use these yet, but the material is super soft. The customer service is great. I actually found out about you guys from a pregnancy board claiming this to be her favorite place to get flats. So, i had to try for myself. I registered here for my welcome baby event and crossing my fingers that people pay choose this

These diapers are so soft and stretchy, and take all of the fuss out of folding flats if that's not your thing. Christina was so helpful answering my questions and even sent a gift for my new babe with my order. I will definitely be getting more when it's time to size up!

 Love it!
These fit great and are trim when fastened on. The medium fits well in my Rumparooz cover on the medium rise. Both the medium and large fit great for my petite chunky 20lb baby. Very stretchy.

 Simply amazing!
The Carmel apple flats are buttery soft and have end stretch that wraps your baby/toddler with total comfort. I've been searching so long for a diaper like this, at last it has been found. The price for these flats is worth every penny! And the free gift included in the order was a really nice surprise, my toddler loves the little cloth book, keeps her busy during her diaper change. Look no further for a luxurious flat, fruit of the womb exceeds anything else on the market. I also like
the religious touch:)

 Awesome products! I was gifted
Awesome products! I was gifted 2 wipes as well which I love.

 Wonderful diapers at a great price!
The Green Apple Taffy flats are wonderfully absorbent and fit my toddler well. They are so soft as well. Communication from the seller was great and fast. I would definitely order again. I love these flats!

 Great overnight!
This diaper is great for overnight or long trips. I use it without a doubler and in the morning there are still dry areas. Easy to care for and well made.
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