Fruit Bowl for SINGLE Flats and WPFP

Fruit of the Womb Diapers

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Can't decide which flat to try? Try one, or try them all! You can choose: Caramel, Butter, Taffy, Twist, Gummy, Butterfly WPFP (winged perfect fit preflat), WPFP, Flex-fit WPFP, or ALL of them.


  • 22x22 for Butter, Caramel, Gummy, Taffy, and Twist
  • All styles WPFP are 10x12


  • 25"x25" for Butter, Caramel, Gummy, Taffy and Twist fits from birth (8+lbs) until 12 months or 20 pounds.
  • All styles WPFP will come in size 1- 12x14


  • 28x28 for all flats
  • All styles WPFP are size 3- 16x18

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When you order a dozen diapers, you will receive a free 16 oz. bottle of Beyond Clean and snappi